junio 10, 2011

Topiary with fabric yo-yo

To make a beautiful topiary only need a few materials and imagination.
To star you need: pieces of fabric, scissors, pins, styrofoam sphere18 inches in circumference, cinnamon stick, acrilyc paint, Spanish moss, thread, needle, glue, bucket or container and if you preferer a Quick yo-yo maker from clover to make yo-yo.
First drill the sphere with scissors for the cinnamon stick.
Then paint the sphere with green acrilyc and glue the cinnamon stick into the hole.

Make approx. 65 -70 yo-yos ( 45 mm or 1 3/4" in diameter) with the preferred method. I have used a yo-yo maker, from clover, and separate yo-yos in color groups to make the job easier. Pin drop the yo-yos from the base of cinnamon stick alternating light and dark colors for a nice effect.

Once filled the sphera with yo-yos insert the topiary in a pot orbucket and decoratewith buttons and a raffia bow. You have a beatiful topiary to decorate a corner in your home.

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  1. Que idea más b onita y orginal, en cuanto pueda la pongo en marcha!! besos


  2. Este trabajo te quedó MARAVILLOSO. Me chifla!!!!!

  3. very very lovely.

    I like it!!!!

    hugs Conny

  4. Fer muy lindo tu blog, espero tu visita.Besos.Olga.

  5. Me quedé corta en el comentario anterior, todos tus muñecos son preciosos.Besos.Olga.