junio 10, 2011

Topiary with fabric yo-yo

To make a beautiful topiary only need a few materials and imagination.
To star you need: pieces of fabric, scissors, pins, styrofoam sphere18 inches in circumference, cinnamon stick, acrilyc paint, Spanish moss, thread, needle, glue, bucket or container and if you preferer a Quick yo-yo maker from clover to make yo-yo.
First drill the sphere with scissors for the cinnamon stick.
Then paint the sphere with green acrilyc and glue the cinnamon stick into the hole.

Make approx. 65 -70 yo-yos ( 45 mm or 1 3/4" in diameter) with the preferred method. I have used a yo-yo maker, from clover, and separate yo-yos in color groups to make the job easier. Pin drop the yo-yos from the base of cinnamon stick alternating light and dark colors for a nice effect.

Once filled the sphera with yo-yos insert the topiary in a pot orbucket and decoratewith buttons and a raffia bow. You have a beatiful topiary to decorate a corner in your home.

Bunies Bunies Bunies

Últimos conejitos del año... Son un diseño de Happy heart patterns. Están realizados con muslin teñido con té, los ojos son pintados con acrílico y la nariz bordada con hilo DMC rosado.

This cute bunnies are a beautiful desig from Happy Heart patterns. They were made with tea-stained muslin and their faces were painted with acrilyc and their noses were embroidered with pink DMC.