enero 21, 2015

Rooster & Hen

This is my Chicken family! I just love them. I made two families. The first with cotton fabric  and the second with muslin painted with acrylic. Make the families was a challenger, not difficult, because they have many many steps to follow. It's a beautiful SweetMeadowsFarm design.

This is the love!!!

abril 09, 2014


This is the second frame that I have done to brighten my craft room. It is made with pieces of felt and framed in an embroidery frame. The pattern I found at a local store too.

Trying to organize the presentation of the pieces.

I had to make two sewing machines because one was lost, and when I finished the box, the machine appeared ... anyway ...

More details.

The lamp and of course the coffee.

The shelf with fabric and threads.

Mini quilt.

Fabric scraps, buttons and glasses

Mini poster.
I really like this picture.

marzo 25, 2014


This is the first of two decorative frames that I have done to brighten my craft room. It is made with pieces of felt and framed in an embroidery frame. The pattern I found at a local store.

Este es el primer de dos cuadros decorativos para alegrar mi cuarto de manualidades. Esta hecho con piezas de fieltro que me han sobrado de otros trabajos y enmarcado en un bastidor para bordar. El molde lo conseguí en una tienda local.

Starting the reassembly - Iniciando el montaje

marzo 13, 2014

Bunny Hugs

A bunny more ... are never enough when it comes to mother rabbit and her daughter, reminds me of my little girl. It's an old pattern of Bunny Hugs. The rabbits are made ​​with tea-stained muslin and eyes are two small beads. The nose is embroidered and wears blush on the cheeks. This project has been very nice and easy to make.The little bunny seems to say I love you mommy.

Un conejito más... nunca son suficientes cuando se trata de mamá coneja y su hija, me recuerda a mi pequeña. Es un patrón antiguo  de Bunny Hugs. Las conejas está hechas con muslin teñido con té y los ojos son dos pequeñas chaquiras. La nariz es bordada y lleva rubor en las mejillas. Este proyecto ha sido muy  lindo y fácil de hacer. la pequeña parece decir te amo mami...jejeje
Where are you going little bunny?A donde vas conejita?

Mommy, Mommy lift me up - Mami, Mami álzame.

I love you Mommy, te amo Mami

febrero 23, 2014

Harley Hyggins

Close is the season of rabits... so, It's time for a new bunny: Harriet. It's an old pattern  from HomespunHugsandCalicoKisses. I made this doe with tea stained muslin, dressed in her cute cotton fabric and his face has two tiny black buttons for eyes. It was fun and easy to do it and she will accompany me this season decorating the top of my blog.

Se acerca la temporada de conejos. Es tiempo de un nuevo conejito: Harriet. es un molde antiguo de HomespunHugsandCalicoKisses. Está hecha con muslin teñido con té, su lindo vestido en tela de algodón y en su cara tiene dos diminutos botones negros como ojos. Fue muy divertido y fácil realizarla y me acompañará esta temporada adornando la cabecera de mi blog. 

febrero 11, 2014

Funny new roommate: Pinkeep Mouse

After the Christmas holidays, a purpose for this year: to update the blog ... Today with this cute roommate and also a good helper to keep ready the pins and needles .... I made it with cotton fabric. It is a design of Country Stitches, but I made ​​some changes, like adding a hat thimble and a spool of thread and some accessories.

Después de las fiestas de navidad, un propósito para este año: actualizar el blog... Hoy con a este lindo compañero de cuarto y además un buen ayudante para mantener listos los alfileres y agujas.... lo hice con tela de algodón. Es un diseño de Country Stitches, pero con algunos cambios como un sombrero de dedal, un carrete de hilo y algunos accesorios.

marzo 01, 2013

Halloween Decoration 2

 Algunos trabajos de halloween del año pasado, que no alcancé a subir al blog... No sé si les ha pasado que se levantan con la intención de hacer algo y pasa todo el día y no lo pudieron hacer... bueno eso fué lo que  me pasó con mis trabajitos de halloween... Con varios meses de retraso pero aquí estan...

Some jobs halloween last year, which I did not get on the blog ...
Sometimes you intend to do something and spends all day and could not do it ...
That was what happened to me with my halloween odd jobs ... With several months late but here are ...

Halloween Train. Hand made by me, designed by Merlina. Tren de Halloween.

Pumpkin Head. Calabaza.

Halloween cakes. Hand made by me, designn by Merlina. Pasteles de Halloween.

Cats garland. Guirnalda de gatos.

Halloween boot, hand made by me, design by Merlina. Bota de halloween.

Halloween placemate. Hand made and design by me. Individuales de halloween.

Halloween placemate. Hand made and design by me. Individuales de Halloween.

octubre 01, 2012

Halloween Decoration 1

Halloween Ideas
For this year, I made these for halloween  place mat. They are made of mdf and painted with acrylic and will be on the dinner table, delighting my little daughter.